ProWest is dedicated to the pursuit of progressive technology implementation.  We understand that clients demand constant, up-to-date data, and we utilize the latest industry technology to facilitate information exchange.


ProWest utilizes BlueBeam's digital workflow solutions to access and provide paperless submittals, RFI's, and punch-lists to clients.  BlueBeam technology allows collaboration with global partners in real-time, anytime.

Building Information Modeling BIM


BIM provides digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places before actual construction.  BIM functions by surpassing 2D drawings and augmenting beyond 3D drawings, (width, height, depth) with time as 4D and cost as 5D.  ProWest has implemented BIM to enable virtual information from the design team to ProWest to the subcontractors, and to the owners, with each adding to a single-shared model.


ProWest uses the latest in scheduling technology, including Microsoft Project and Primavera P6. 


In addition to these scheduling programs, we use LEAN pull scheduling techniques to enhance the delivery of our projects.


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